First off I guess I should welcome you to my site, and more specifically to this little corner about myself, Anthony Chang. The guy behind Cloud Age Photo, you know if you didn't already realize.

I have 4 main loves of my life, video games, cycling, hiking and of course photography... Well technically I have 5, I mean there is also the misses, who I've been with for 8 years now.

Even though I spend a lot of time playing games I'm not a big fan of competitive games, so being a pro gamer is out of the question. Now cycling, next to my camera there is nothing else I love more then my bike. As much as I'd love to be a pro cyclist I can't even hold a candle to real professional cyclist, I'm a decently fast rider but they are on a whole different level! Hiking, well I just have no clue how I'd make a living going out on hikes and exploring, I mean I tried but seems not many people want to pay me to walk around!

That leaves me with photography, my passion and livelihood. As it turns out (not to tut my own horn, but...) it seems I'm actually surprisingly decent at this whole photography thing. Picked up a camera when I was a kid and loved it. I still remember the day my dad brought home our first Polaroid camera, my brother and I literally had our little child minds blown when we watched the photo slowly appear in front of our own eyes. One thing led to another and a few years later I had my own camera. Then eventually I had another... and another... and another. Photography became a little bit of an obsession. Though the thought of actually being a photographer and making a living out of it never really crossed my mind when I was younger. Never would have guessed I'd actually be doing the thing I love, life is funny that way isn't it?

Fun random facts!
Max recorded speed (without any form of assistance) 58.4 kph | Longest ride is currently 165.2 km (in both cases I died shortly after, but I got better!)
I actually use to be in the Canadian Forces (Infantry) | Shortly after I left my bother joined the Navy (Weapons Technician)
I've always had long hair even when I was younger, except during the years when I was in the Forces | Now I let it grow out and get it cut once every 2 years and I donate my hair when it gets cut
My favourite band is Queen I'm not very up to date with music, frankly been listening to the same stuff for god knows how long
I'm a big console gamer, mainly Sony and a little bit of Nintendo | Favourite video game series is Metal Gear Solid
My background is indeed Chinese | But if you every ask me anything along those lines I'll always say I'm Canadian (was born and raised here after all!)
I'm a pretty straight and narrow guy, no alcohol, never smoked, never done any drugs at all, I don't even drink coffee!! | Which usually means I'm pretty boring... Which is in fact true!
I tend to ramble on a lot more then necessary | Surprisingly I'm actually quite the loner/introvert (which adds to the whole me being boring thing)

One last little shout out but I also I'm a member of Gotham Studios, check us out if you have a second!